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Is Magnet Fishing for Me?

You’ve seen the magnet fishing post’s all over facebook. You’ve been sucked into the youtube black hole and been fascinated by all the magnet fishing videos. Maybe you're addicted to those tik tok videos of crazy kids pulling out interesting things from the water with big ol’ magnets and you just want a taste of the action.

Something hooked you, but now it’s time to pull the trigger on some gear…or maybe not. 

When we watch the videos on the internet, see the photos of the crazy finds on the facebook groups, we can feel ourselves wanting to be part of this obscure hobby. 

But will you like it? Is it something that you should invest into? Maybe we can help you make up your mind. 

Treasure Hunting

This is really where Centurion Magnetics got started. We love treasure hunting.

We have since we were kids and never grew out of it. We aren’t embarrassed by our child-like love for treasure hunting and we hope that you aren’t either. 

Maybe your treasure hunting has looked like garage sale-ing, coupon finding, geocaching, or another treasure hunting experience. Magnet fishing is another hobby to add to your belt. If you love treasure hunting, finding items that are hidden and need finding, then you probably will enjoy magnet fishing.

Metal Detecting

A very natural sister hobby to metal detecting is to try your hand at magnet fishing. They are in the same family in terms of hobbies and both are used to find hidden treasure. Instead of metal detectors you're using big neodymium fishing magnets and sometimes grappling hooks.

In the case of magnet fishing, you’re using a strong magnet for magnet fishing to detect and attract ferrous metal objects. People love magnet fishing that enjoy metal detecting because it still gets you outside, but gets you near the water. 


Do you enjoy fishing? What do you like about fishing? The outside fresh air, the quiet space, being near bodies of water, the time to think…the list goes on and on. 

The same things (minus catching fish) that pull you towards fishing, will be there with magnet fishing. People love getting out early in the morning, chucking a magnet and waiting to see what will be pulled out of the water. 

Many love getting out there alone and having time to think and relax. Or others like to bring family out there and have some bonding time. Either way, magnet fishing brings you outside in the fresh outdoors alone or with others. 


There are also those who just love exploring new places, new areas. Magnet fishing is a great extension of this love. 

With magnet fishing, you are always looking for new locations, new bridges, new docks to explore. If you are someone that enjoys checking out new places, then you’ll enjoy where magnet fishing brings you. You would be surprised where you may end up! 

One of the greatest joys of magnet fishing is the fact that it does bring you outside into the great outdoors, near rivers and lakes. This hobby gets you off the couch and into the great outdoors.

You can read more about location exploring and searching for the best places to magnet fish, here.

So Do I Take the Plunge?

You may have just read all of that and some of it resonates with you. If so, grab a some magnet fishing gear. Take the risk and try your hand at it. If you are worried about the investment then start small, grab a kit, or if you enjoy it upgrade your magnet. 

Grab a single series starter kit, or a 1200lb double sided magnet with a double braided rope to accompany it. They will get you started.

It doesn’t need to be complicated, however just remember the more quality of a magnet you start with, the happier you will be because the more you will find

Magnet fishing is a great way to get you or your family out of the house. It’s a great way to get outside, help clean the environment while having fun. For example, click the link and take a look at Jose and his time out with his magnet.

It’s an opportunity for a bonding experience with your son, daughter or grandchild.
It’s an afternoon where you can take your mind off the stress of life, and chuck a neodymium magnet and catch crazy stuff in the water. It’s a chance to solve a cold case. It’s an opportunity to maybe pull out a valuable antique. 

Magnet fishing is a thrilling experience, the unknown will bring you back time after time. Read about 3 Steps to Start Magnet Fishing, for more details on how to begin.

Before you know it, you’ll be hooked like so many of the rest of us.

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