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What is magnet fishing?

In simplest form, magnet fishing is the use of a magnet to catch ferrous (magnetic) items in the water. Normally magnet fishing is done with a large super magnet made out of neodymium, a rare earth metal. You then attach the fishing magnet to a rope and toss the magnet into the water.

Using a few different techniques of dipping or dragging depending on your location, the hope is to pull out different items and scrap from the water. Magnet fishers then are part of not only finding cool things in the water, but also cleaning their local waters and making the earth a little bit cleaner.

Contrary to what some people like to say, magnet fishing won’t be catching you any steelhead. 

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What magnet is best for me?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. Message us on Facebook or email us at if you want a tailored suggestion for you. We would love to help. 

Where can I magnet fish?

Magnet fishers have been known to fish just about anywhere. However there a few things that should be noted when it comes to locations. Make sure that you always get permission if you are wanting to fish on private property. Always be careful of your surroundings when magnet fishing as you are tossing a large and potentially heavy magnet around.Bridges, overpasses, canals, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, the ocean, docks, boat launches and really anywhere there is water are great places to magnet fish.

Some tools we like to use for scouting out magnet fishing spots include:
Google Maps*At the time of this writing, South Carolina is the only state in which magnet fishing is outright illegal but check your local area for up to date information as we are not able to give legal advice.  

What kind of items can I find with my magnet?

Ferrous items are able to be found with magnets. That means that anything that has iron inside of it would be attracted to the magnet. These items include traditional steel, iron, cast iron, and nickel. That means that precious metals such as gold and silver are non-magnetic or non-ferrous and will not be able to be attracted to your fishing magnet directly. However the safe or box in which they are held could be attracted to your neodymium fishing magnet. 

US Coins therefore are non-magnetic except for the 1943 steel penny created in World War 2 due to the copper shortage. Also some non-US coins are magnetic as well. 

What to do with magnet fishing finds?

You found a gun and you want to make sure you do what is right. Great, this is a great question to ask. Generally if it's not completely rusted out we encourage you to call the police station, non emergency number to ask them to come take a look. Many places will collect the weapon and bring it back to test to make sure it’s not connected to any cold cases. If it comes back negative then it will be released back to you in some counties (all regulations and process differ county by county and state by state). If the item is something you want to keep then take it home and you can do a restorative process with it. If it’s simply scrap, then you need to dispose of it. DO NOT LEAVE IT. You must either take it to a scrap yard to make some additional cash, or throw it away in a dumpster or your personal garbage.

How do I take care of my magnet fishing gear?

With each magnet you receive, you also gain access to video tutorials. One video is dedicated to this question entirely. To keep your magnet lasting as long as possible make sure that you clean it with fresh clean water after each day of use. Dry it completely and store where it has air to dry or where moisture is not an issue. It’s normal for the magnets to begin to tarnish and gain rust spots as the outer protective layers wear down after good use. It will not affect the performance of your magnet. For ropes, you will need to make sure that you let the rope dry out after each day of use. You also can wash the rope to get rid of the smell from the different areas you are magnet fishing in. Make sure you store in a dry place where it is not in the sun. 

What rope should I use?

For choosing a magnet fishing rope you need to find something that at minimum has a breaking strength of at least what your pull force is on your magnet. You want to make sure you are using a rope that is made out of polyester or nylon that won’t weaken in water. All our magnets can be used with our Double Braided Magnet Fishing Rope in both 65 and 100ft lengths that meets all the described suggestions.

For example, if you have a 1200 lb single sided magnet, your rope needs to be at least 1200lb breaking strength. If you have 2400 double sided magnets, then your rope also needs to have a minimum 1200 lb rope(2400 is the combined pull force so its 2400/2=1200). 

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