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  • Is Magnet Fishing for Me?

    Not sure about magnet fishing? Is it right for you? Will you enjoy it? Here are some practical examples of things that are similar and if you like those, you probably will enjoy yourself some magnet fishing. Magnet fishing is more than just pulling out junk, its the thrill of the unknown. The time outside away from screens and stresses. Magnet fishing is an experience that tens of thousands around the world are enjoying each and every week, with more and more joining the community. Is it time for you to join?
  • Jose's Magnet Fishing Experience

    Jose has spent over a year magnet fishing in Tampa Bay Florida. He used to use other magnets but wouldn't always fill his bucket with finds.   Afte...
  • 3 Steps to Choose the Right Magnet Fishing Gear

    Learn what three variables you need to understand in order to best choose the right magnet for you. Magnet fishing is a fun hobby for anyone who can throw a magnet. Make sure you have the right gear for your situation by reading this article. Which magnet is best for you?
  • Magnet Fishing Tips: Best Places to Magnet Fish

    Location. Location. Location. It's one of the most important aspects of real estate and it's also just as important in magnet fishing. So many new...
  • 3 Steps to Start Magnet Fishing

    Learn about how you can start magnet fishing ASAP and how taking these 3 easy steps will make you a magnet fisher in no time.
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