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242 Thread-locker sometimes referred to as 'Locktite' is a blue colored glue that secures the bolt to the magnet. Because magnets tend to rotate when casting and pulling in, if you do not use thread-lock, the bolt will come undone and you'll have a much higher chance of losing your magnet. 


  1. Remove bolt from under magnet
  2. Make sure bolt is free from dust and dirt
  3. Apply even layer of thread-locker to threads
  4. Place the bold back through the bottom of the magnet
  5. Screw eye-bolt onto bolt and tighten
  6. Wait 12-24 hours before using magnet after applying


Volume: 10ml


This product is medium strength and therefore can be released with great force. However, be generous with the amount you use for your magnet's bolt. Also with the purchase of any Centurion magnet, you will gain access to our video tutorials where we have a video tutorial for applying thread-locker. 

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