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Welcome to the Fam   

We know how intimidating it can be to get your magnet and have all these parts and pieces to it. That is why we wanted to create this video guide to make things super easy, reduce your chances of loosing your magnet and just give you the best experience possible. If anything is confusing or you have questions shoot us a message 


Threadlocker Tutorial

One of the most important items in the kit is the bottle of threadlocker. It resembles a bottle of glue. You are going to want to follow the video to apply the threadlocker to your threads on your magnets bolt. This will make sure that you do not loose your magnet when tossing it out to collect your treasures. Without it, you most likely will have your magnet unscrew and loose it. No bueno. Thats why we included this so you just do not have to worry.

Apply threadlocker in the same way with the bolt on the ALPHA series clamp style magnets. With the DUAL series magnets, you can apply threadlocker to the side bolt if you want double sided action, or you can apply it to the top if you're looking for a single sided action. The threadlocker included with the dual series is not permanent, but remember that it is tough to undo.

What is the ALPHA Series or DUAL Series? Click Here

Palomar Knot Tutorial

One of the most controversial topics magnet fishers discuss is if you should tie the rope direct to the magnet or to a carabiner. Either way, you need a good strong knot that isn't going to come undone. In this video we show you how to tie our favorite magnet fishing knot, the Palomar Knot. It's super simple, strong and is going to get the job done. 

Tips and Tricks

We compiled some different things we have learned as well as tips many of our community members have shared over on our group.

  • Its all about Location
  • Got a Bucket?
  • Check that Rope of Yours
  • Got Stuck?
  • Do I really need these gloves?
  • Magnet Fisher Code of Ethicsf
Care and Maintenance

You want your magnet to last as long as possible. We have collected a few tips we have found help with caring for your magnet and rope. These are simple and easy ways to help keep your gear ready to go for your next magnet fishing adventure.



Some Finds from the Community

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